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Attic room with extended permanent stairs and modular bathroom

Location : Subang, Selangor
House Type : Terrace House
Product : Roof windows, modular bathroom, membranes underlay
Attic conversion: permanent stairs, flooring, painting, wiring, plumbing 
Time Frame: 2 months


  1. When waterproofing a terrace, we function together quite a few contractors, house professionals and homeowners. You can expect remarkable program to all or any our own clientele, instilling believe in and assurance. This kind of allows us to create and keep buyer human relationships. specialist

  2. Nice pics and nice work on it.stairs are looking suitable, bathroom looking whity beautiful.
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  3. Your post Attic room with extended permanent stairs and modular bathroom is very impressive and knowledgeable. I like this post. Good Work!

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  4. Am looking to extend my house by adding up an attic and your post on this is amazing. Will communicate with you to discuss further on this and I hope the it will be within my budget.


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