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Attic room with extended permanent stairs and modular bathroom

Location : Subang, Selangor House Type : Terrace House
Product : Roof windows, modular bathroom, membranes underlay
Attic conversion: permanent stairs, flooring, painting, wiring, plumbing  Time Frame: 2 months

Attic with Modular bathroom

Location : Johor
House Type : Semi-D

Product : Centre Pivot Windows 78 x 98 with blinds, LML Attic Ladder, PE foam insulation, Modular bathroom, plaster ceiling, partitions,plumbing works,wiring works .
Conversion Area: 800 sf.

Time Frame: 2 months

Budget : 100K

Air well conversion with permenant spacesaver stairs

Location : Taman Mutiara, Selangor House Type : Terrace House
Product : Platform and Spacesaver M-stairs Conversion Area: 15sf.
Time Frame: 3 weeks
Budget: 20K

Motorised Electric Scissor Attic Ladder by Bronte Attic

Roof Convert to A Children Bedroom

Kajang- Attic Conversion - Living area

Roof convert to a storage

Small air-well conversions

Location : Shah Alam House Type : Double storey
Renovation : Air-well  conversions
Product used: LMK attic ladder
Conversion Area: 120 sf
Convert Purpose: play room 
Time Frame: 2 weeks
Budget : 12K 


Attic Room with M-saver staircase - Ara Damansara

Location : Ara Damansara
House Type : Double storey
Renovation : Full attic conversions 
Product used: roof windows, M-stairs.
Conversion Area: 450 sf
Convert Purpose: Bedroom and living room
Time Frame: 45 days
Budget : 75K