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Award of the prestigious British magazine

Award of the prestigious British magazine Home Building & Renovation for FAKRO roof windows with topSafe structure
re-enforcement system 28 February 2011 The topSafe re-enforcement system utilized by FAKRO in roof windows won the Home Building & Renovation award for the best product of 2011. This prestigious award in the British constructional industry was granted in the category for the best product of 2011. FAKRO roof windows manufactured in the topSafe system offer an increased burglary resistance. The main feature of the topSafe system is an innovative way of hinge fixing, few times more robust than that known and used so far. The timber structure and locking elements have been also strengthened. Additional protection is provided by a strip of metal making it difficult to break in with the help of tools. Information on the roof window re-enforcement system applied by FAKRO will appear not only in the British construction magazines but also during the Ecobuild exhibition, he…

preservation of natural resources

preservation of natural resources The main material used by FAKRO is pinewood - a type of wood widely recognised as one of the most ecologically sustainable building materials.
FAKRO sources wood only from regions with properly managed forests in which the volume of new planting is much greater than the volume of material removed. We also protect the environment by: developing environmentally friendly products using ecological technologies minimising and/or utilising any waste raw materials reducing emissions to avoid contamination reducing noise

Customer choose FAKRO

Customer choose FAKRO 20 December 2011 Poland is a world leader in manufacturing and the largest exporter of roof windows in the world. The Polish company FAKRO, the second manufacturer of roof windows in the world, was identified as most frequently chosen by customers. This is indicated by the results of the ranking published by one of the biggest Polish professional portals. The statement has been prepared based on the survey in which Internet users pointed out the company whose products they bought or intended to buy to build their houses. The ranking shows that of the two global brands, with the highest recognition among customers, the vast majority, as much as 51 percent, applied or will apply in their houses FAKRO roof windows.

Both manufacturers can boast high brand recognition in the market, however for customers purchasing roof windows, it is not only the brand that matters. Above all, they value quality and high standard of products. FAKRO roof windows are synonymous with t…