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How to Beautifully Maximize the Extra Space in Your Attic

In most homes we all are trying to find one more space in your home to store belongings. In your home, you may have an office that is adjacent to the noisy family room or you might be looking to add on to your home to have a dedicated room for your scrap booking. If you have a home that has an attic, you may have just solved your problem! Whether your attic is finished or not, consider these tips to maximize the space you have. From recreation to a cozy retreat, look at these tips for making your attic your new home renovation.
1.) Determine if your attic can be used as a room: If your attic is already finished off with drywall then you are already half way there! While, if you have an unfinished space – meaning the studs are still showing and electric and other services may not be installed yet, continue reading. Before you decide to finish off the space, these considerations need to be made. How will you heat or cool the space and do additional ducts need to run into the attic? Ex…